Designer Requirements

Please take your time to read the information and guide below for new merchants. It will save you a lot of time later.

**NOTE: Please rezz out 1 (one) group join board in front of your store just beside the item/s marked 50L$ for that week.

1. You must be a designer or a creator to participate. If you are a manager, you can register the store you are working at but the owner will be the one who will join the group.
2. Strictly no Resellers, no Gacha Prize Resellers, no yard sales, no outlets, no warehouses & no Business in a box.
3. Copyrighted and items that violate the Linden Lab TOS or the like will be asked to withdraw from the group.
4. No items that are framed GIFs, Photos, Photo frames only or other Non-SL medias.
5. Store must have at least 10 items with not lower than 100L$ as product prices to participate.
6. However this is a promotional group, we still would like to ask you to promote your items.
7. You are still allowed to join the group even if you use full perm kits for your business as long as it is not a copybotted item and will not violate any TOS.